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One of CTC's areas of expertise is network design and implementation.  We have the knowledge and experience to layout the perfect Local Area Network for your organization or your home.


Whether you are setting up in a new location or just need to re-design your current infrastructure, CTC will be there to help and guide you every step of the way.


We have vast experience with several brands of networking equipment from Linksys hubs to D-Link wireless access points to Cisco layer 3 switches.


CTC will perform a complete survey of your site including:

bulletPhysical dimensions/layout
bulletQuantity and types of servers
bulletQuantity and types of workstations
bulletAny special equipment (router or gateway to Internet.)


We will then provide you with a quote and a thorough network diagram.  No other technology company in SW Florida provides you with more planning.


Sample LAN Diagram



      Hubs vs. Switches
  We get asked all the time what the difference is between a hub and a switch.  It is our opinion that a switch is always better than a hub if you are willing to spend the additional money.  Although switches are more expensive than hubs, the prices have come down drastically in recent years.  For a more technical explanation, click here.


      Wireless LAN?
  Believe it or not, wireless LANs are becoming very popular and for reason.  It used to be that wireless technology was unstable and cost prohibitive, but that was definitely a thing of the past.  The truth is that today you can network a small group of about 5 PCs for less than $500.  The benefits of a wireless LAN are pretty obvious when you consider the labor involved with running cabling, not to mention that your physical location is then fixed.  Wireless LANs give you the freedom to re-arrange your office any time you want without having to call the cabling person.





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